The Popularity of Cafe Racer Jackets

The Popularity of Cafe Racer Jackets

As it belongs to the family of motorcycle jackets, Café racer is a style speaking of sartorial durability to the racers. As its name suggests, it facilitates racers counting on qualities like comfort, calm, and practicality throughout their rides.

The style generally carries minimalistic features like a tab collar, two to four zippers, and a front conclusion. These features add to a design offering functionality to café racers while complementing their daring attitude.


Café Racer jacket is a name that comes from Café Racers- the small bore motorcycles. These motorcycles are light in weight but robust in nature.

Essentially, Café Racers are developed for pace and style and, hence, preferred by chaps who love fast rides.

But despite the jacket’s affiliation with these specially optimized motorcycles, its craze is not restricted to the motorheads. As it delivers versatility and the power to spark masculine charm, it is primarily admired by all.


The Café Racer jacket has been popular since the 1960s, and its status has never been low, thus making us guess about its history and the story behind its existence: Christmas gift ideas couples.

As per the fashion police, the classic café racer jacket has its connection with the iconic stylization of World War II heroes. As these soldiers revisited their homes in England, they raced their motorbikes at a pace topping 90 miles an hour.

To cope with their speedy racing, they wrapped a welcoming companion that was relaxing and free from excess details. Of course, their objective of a protective layering was simple. They needed something that could act as their second skin while not disturbing the tempo of speed, so their jackets consisted of details generating durability in every form. For example, the horse-hide material that is resistant to damage and hard-core zippers correspond with the strength of leather. All in all, outerwear was a great fashion inspiration for the generations to follow.


Today, the look of a racer jacket is the same as the old ones with a round neck or snap tab collar, multiple zippers and vents, but the leather we usually get now is different. This is because horse leather is expensive; hence, these jackets are now made in either cowhide or sheepskin leather.

Therefore, we generally wear cowhide or sheepskin, which also offer durability but are comparatively cheaper.

Moreover, the fitting revolves around extreme comfort, making your racing experience easy and smooth. Besides, the types we have in café racer style today are:

1- Classic:

The jacket with a classic look is ordinarily simple concerning details.

It usually comes in regular brown and black.

2- Detailed:

This look is all about extra features and color variation, including the shocking ones.


Certain qualities are essential to check before placing a café racer jacket in your wardrobe.

For example:

A café racer jacket has to be comfortable since its purpose is to provide maximum relaxation during the race; the fit should be according to your size.

While reasonably costly versus other leather types, a jacket made of full-grain and top-grain leather is a valuable possession.

Since durability and staying power are equally important, prefer leather of lambskin, sheepskin and cowhide.

Settle the type you want first. If your personality matches a simplistic look and general colors, go for the classic. If not, dare to wear the detailed look in red or blue!

Look over the shoulder alignments as this relates to the smooth movement of arms and beauty in structure.

Make sure the pockets are based on zippers and cut thin (if any). If not, the wind could make its way into it more easily.


It’s okay not to know everything! After all, neither of us is a born expert. If you are new to your café racer jacket and its styling, allow us! But let’s be clear about one thing: this investment will yield not short but long-term results.

So let’s begin the leather jacket sale mens:


A black Café racer jacket is best for personalizing a bad boy look or conveying a sultry vibe. Its beauty lies in the fact that it suits bikers, racers, and anyone determined to get extra fashion points.

To craft this look, utilize a casual mix like a white round-neck Tee and navy jeans. To breathe more flair, adorn yourself with sunglasses, a watch, and a simple bracelet.


This look favors the charisma for your ventures and masculine sophistication for those special casual events. Hence, you can take this get-up anytime you wish to dress low-key desirable.

You need a tan brown café racer jacket for men in your wardrobe for this dashing look. Grab your black Tee shirt and black skinny jeans to complement this outerwear and voila! You are ready to rock.


Now, this one is sure to make your critiques go in awe! As versatile as you can imagine, your racer jacket opens the gate to experiment with more and more new looks.

For a total badass look, wrap some scarf or muffler over your neck while sporting your black café racer jacket. For those extra compliments, do not forget to wear your sunglasses!


If a situation demands a casual look, you can layer your black leather jacket over a denim shirt and gray Tee. To make it a foolproof, laid-back combo, make the best use of your black pants now.


A racer jacket is an excellent addition to your semi-formal ensembles for some travel or casual events. These are simple yet classic and can be donned with both formal pants or a pair of jeans.


This look is one of the most astonishing off-duty looks for three reasons.

Number 1, it is full of attitude; number two, it is ultra comfy; and number three, it is easy to craft. All you need is a sweater, black trousers, and pants with your black racer jacket- and there you go. Regardless of your age, you are ready to leave a strong impression!


1- Cafe Racer Brown Quilted Leather Jacket For Men:

This style of Cafe Racer is one of the most remarkable examples of the classic rider leather jackets. 

Manufactured from genuine sheepskin leather and detailed with waxed finished, this one assures to exhibit your prowess in menswear fashion. 

The conventional minimalistic collar and kintted pattern of retro style on arms, this one promises you the real racers vibes.

2- Daytona Blue Cafe Racer leather Jacket For Men:

If you have a knack for vintage clothing then this blue colored Café racer Jacket is sure to impress. A pure racer’s style having the perfect touch of vintage that too in rare blue color that's hard to find, this outerwear is on the more sophisticated end of the spectrum. The most interesting detail of the jacket are the contrasting waxed stripes on both of the arms. 

Besides, it has a tab collar and a YKK zipper closure doing great justice to the racer’s style.

3- Bandito Men's Cafe Racer Brown Leather Jacket:

A masterpiece that deserves a special mention in the category is Bandito Men's Cafe Racer Brown Leather Jacket.

A street style look made to captivate, this racer’s jacket takes the glam game to a new level. Essentially made with distressed brown leather, it has a base of white with black stripes. 

Besides, leather jacket sale mens it has snap tab collar and zippers keeping it low-profile.


That ends our write-up with us understanding the types and history of racer jackets. More importantly, we have grasped the basic idea of properly styling this super functional and stylish leather jacket. So don’t wait and waste; pick your favorite café racer jacket and rock your confidence loud and proud!